We are redefining luxury products as being conscious and earth-friendly. Our products are made of lambskin, which is a byproduct of the food industry. If the leather were not used for handbags or other leather goods it would go into landfills or another waste system. The raw materials come to us already tanned and cured, so there is no impact upon our water system. We do not use heavy machinery or other equipment that creates massive waste.


Ancestral First Nations (Native American) people of the Great Plains used every bit of the bison they hunted. Their descendants in Alaska do the same today with the wild game they use for food, clothing, shelter, even fuel for lighting and heating their homes. We feel that JAMAH honors this truly American tradition, in that we utilize every scrap of the source-animal. Our products are cut and sewn in the USA, handmade by artisans in a small workshop in Los Angeles.  We believe in supporting the American workforce and this reduces transportation costs, energy use and CO-2 emissions. In this way, we keep our “footprint” as small and light as possible. We are developing a ‘luxury recycling’ program to encourage customers to send in their vintage JAMAH bags for parts and materials in exchange for a discount on a new JAMAH purchase.


We love the entrepreneurial, independent spirit that we feel is so quintessentially American. We believe that the legendary American work ethic will rebuild America.  Concerned that students from underserved communities lack the support and resources necessary to provide consistent mentorship and exposure to real-world business experience, AMBITION, formerly In True Fashion, was founded in February 2010 by luxury handbag designer Nancy Gale of JAMAH. 

AMBITION is a non-profit entrepreneurial program for underserved youth that fosters innovative thinking, confidence and a positive work ethic through collaborative hands-on participation, real-world business experience and powerful, consistent connections with mentors and guests.

To capture real-life experience and anchor its entrepreneurial aspects, the program pairs with a number of host companies. Ranging in industry, these companies are luxury brand consumer goods businesses that manufacture in the USA. The luxury component empowers students by welcoming them into a world they too often feel prohibited from. Through a multitude of problem solving endeavors, the AMBITION journey validates that with determination and hard work, they can do anything they set their minds to and live a life without limitations.

Teams of high school students are exposed to every aspect of running a business including strategic planning, project management, time management, design, branding, marketing, and physical fruition of a product. The AMBITION students experience teamwork, respectful and healthy competition, interpersonal skills, self-discipline and compromise. Collaborative in-class work is supplemented by workshops with expert mentors and visits from high profile, inspirational guest speakers. Through the process, the students cultivate a strong work ethic and a consciousness of their surroundings.

AMBITION is currently based out of Environmental Charter High School, our concept school in Los Angeles, California. Since its inception, the program has gained high profile attention from coveted guest mentors including Richard Branson, founder of THE VIRGIN GROUP, Jane Wurwand, founder and owner of DERMALOGICA and THE INTERNATIONAL DERMAL INSTITUTE, Rob Minkoff, acclaimed film director, Steve Schimmel, a founding business team member and 13th employee at GOOGLE and Carter Reum, co-founder of VEEV SPIRITS.

AMBITION invites companies that uphold its vision to partner as host companies and workshop sponsors. AMBITION is committed to encouraging businesses to serve as a training ground for today’s youth and join our ultimate mission of an intrinsic connection between cause and commerce.