Bag Highlight: The Rosey Special Edition


We have been waiting for 9 years, 180 months and 469 weeks for this moment to arrive AND its finally here! Yes, you heard right, the girls are back! Fall in love all over again with Lorelei’s quirky personality and Rory’s sweet nature in the Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life mini-series.

For the revival series, Costume Designer Brenda Maben chose the luxury handbag brand JAMAH to perfectly coordinate with the Yale Grad’s stylish, put-together wardrobe. Rory went from owning the eponymous Birkin bag 9 years ago to maintaining a structured and striking look with “The Rosey Special Edition.” Maben explains, "Rory’s handbag symbolizes power. It shows that she is taking her personal and professional life into her own hands.” The Rosey Special Edition is a version of The Rosey that was originally commissioned for Hillary Clinton.

Alexis Bledel (Rory Gilmore) took to JAMAH’s charitable cause, AMBITION, so much that she signed her name and wrote what ambition means to her inside of “Rory’s” bag. The bag will be auctioned and the proceeds will go to AMBITION’s Student Scholarship Fund.

Want Rory’s bag? Stay tuned for upcoming auction details where proceeds will benefit AMBITION’s Student Scholarship Fund. If you can’t wait for the auction you can “buy it now” and we’ll donate 10% of the retail price to the fund. The Rosey Special Edition is available at

Look for “The Rosey Special Edition” wherever Rory goes on Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life on Netflix.

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By: Dani C.


When it rains, it pours. In business, in relationships, in life, there are always those days, weeks, months and sometimes even years that nothing seems to go your way.

I have experienced this very phenomena over the month of March. Even though I celebrated my birthday in March, it could not outshine the darkness that billowed throughout the month.

My favorite cloud of despair was when I lost myself. Not physically of course, but The Dani, the handbag that designer Nancy Gale had named after me disappeared.

A little background . . . 

When Nancy first told me about The Dani, she sent me an email that included the link I was speechless, honored and crying with joy when she called shortly thereafter. I’m actually still in shock to be honest. Nancy and I met just seven months ago but there’s a kinship between us that is wonderfully pure and true. I was delighted to carry myself!

The one time I decide to carry another bag (What was I thinking?!) and leave myself home, I went missing; kidnapped perhaps?

When I discovered the tragedy, I was incredibly upset and absolutely mortified. It’s ironic, really. I felt like disappearing a few times this month and it actually happened. Quite the metaphor, one might conclude.

After two weeks of denial and fear, I finally shared the horrific news with Nancy. And what did she do? She laughed! “Of all things and all people,” she said smiling. A weight had been lifted and a new Dani is in the works.

So, when you lose yourself, take a deep breath, embrace the moment, lean on those that care for you, fight your way to freedom and then go out and buy yourself something pretty, The Dani perhaps!?



Bag Highlight: The Teresa


As women, it’s often difficult to find other women that will support us, especially in our careers. Why is this? We are already living in a man’s world, why must we always put each other down? Does it make us feel better about ourselves? I don’t think so. When we bitch about other women together, do we bond? Maybe. Are we scared to succeed because of what our friends, family and husbands will say? Do they really want us to achieve? I hope so. Regardless, it’s time to rise up, together.

When your girlfriends talk about their most recent successes or struggles, listen. Reward their achievements with smiles and congratulatory remarks. And if they are struggling, reach into your bag (JAMAH preferably) and pull out ways you can help, or your cousin can help, or your neighbor, or another friend. Let’s take the time, energy and money to invest in each other!

Founder Nancy Gale was fortunate enough to have a few cheerleaders that have always been there to support, encourage and invest in her and her dreams. Tracy, namesake of The Teresa, is at the top of that list. Her eternally enthusiastic attitude has made her the most dependable and steadfast friend a JAMAH girl can have. A tribute to Tracy's loyalty and endless generosity, Nancy could think of no one better to represent one of her favorite and timeless designs.

Sleek, polished and suitable for every occasion, this is the bag you'll want with you at all times. Just like its namesake, The Teresa will always make you look and feel fabulous!



While investing in gold, the stock market and real estate can be volatile, a JAMAH handbag is always 100% full proof.

Let us count the ways:

1.     Made in the USA – Each and every bag is designed and crafted here in the USA. Not only will you get exceptional craftsmanship, but you are supporting your community members, friends and neighbors and thus its overall economy.

2.     Non-profit Support – JAMAH is deeply committed to a conscious brand that propelled owner and designer, Nancy Gale, to connect a cause so intrinsic to JAMAH that one could not function without the other. Almost 6 years ago, she founded AMBITION, a non-profit, competition-based entrepreneurial program that fosters creative, industrious thinking in students from underserved community. Those who support JAMAH, support AMBITION.

3.     Care – We tend to care more for those items that are attained as an investment and therefore appreciating. Most of the things we buy depreciate at very fast rates. JAMAH is not only timeless in style, it is timeless in construction, and more likely than not passed from generation to generation. A JAMAH handbag is a true American heirloom.

If you are buying a bag for yourself or trying to convince your beloved to make that extra special purchase, it’s really quite a simple decision. You can kiss buyer’s remorse goodbye for good with JAMAH!

Welcome to the new wave of investments!


Bag Highlight: The Barbi


The Barbi (no e), is elegant, sleek, simple and small. But don’t let its size fool you, like its namesake, The Barbi makes a powerful statement.

Made from luxurious, lightweight Italian lambskin, lined with buttery-soft suede and appointed with a slim, single looped chain that tucks neatly inside as an option for carrying, The Barbi is that accessory you always want with you.

With Award Season upon us and red carpets on every corner here in Los Angeles, or so it seems, might we suggest keeping The Barbi close at hand? It is the perfect size to fit all your Hollywood evening accoutrements from your favorite lip rouge to your VIP passes. Go in style to your next event and show up with a handbag that everyone can’t take their eyes off.

Tell them it was made just for you by the designer! Because it was! AND you’ll earn extra points from all your stylish friends!

And the winner is ... JAMAH!



Have you ever walked down the street and noticed that every other person has the same handbag as you do? Or that your favorite designer’s shoes, bracelets, sweaters and wallets seem to be everywhere?

We all love classic designers … Chanel, Versace, Balenciaga, but when your friend, your mom, your cousin and your client all have the same fashion accessories, they become less rare and with that a little less special.

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend! Right?! But why? They are sparkly, they are forever and they are incredibly rare. You would be hard pressed to find two diamonds that are exactly the same.

We like to think of JAMAH in very much the same reverence.

Those who love JAMAH don’t want to look and be like everyone else. They know that their differences and idiosyncrasies make them special and valuable. They know that no one can ever compare or compete with their individuality.

JAMAH is unique with its customizable fabric, hardware and personalization options. JAMAH reminds us that being different and embracing who we are is truly the most beautiful we can be.


Bag Highlight: The Helen


The holidays, no matter your religion or personal traditions are about family. We love and adore those we still have with us and remember fondly those that are no longer.

All of JAMAH’s designs are inspired by a family member, friend or colleague that designer Nancy Gale respects and loves. The Helen is no exception.

A tribute to her mother, her hero, The Helen is the epitome of timeless sophistication. Though she appreciated the flairs of her generation, Helen always found a way to embark on her own stylistic path. At times being quite progressive, she embraced the newer generation’s ideals and values with vigor.

The Helen, with its structured body and envelope-style flap closure secured by a demure clasp, is a simple but transcendent design that commands every room with its breathless beauty much as Helen did during her life.

It was Helen who instilled in her daughter a vivacious thirst for life and optimism that she wore as effortlessly as any bag or ensemble she adorned.



Why is becoming the first true American luxury design house so important to founder Nancy Gale?

Growing up in Detroit, Gale had the opportunity to witness, experience and learn about the benefits derived from manufacturing in the United States and the real value of American craftsmanship.

She realized early on that luxury wasn’t just about a price point, but about superior artistry.

Her Los Angeles factory is comprised of true craftsmen that have been in the business most of their lives, with each bag showcasing their combined years of experience. Fine attention to detail, impeccable workmanship and stunning lines handcrafted with care and precision make it no longer necessary to travel across the world to find true luxury.

By working in the USA, JAMAH is also able to provide jobs to its neighbors, ultimately providing stability for our economy and a better life for us all.

JAMAH’s made-to-order designs have eliminated mass production and have finally brought back what luxury once was, making it possible for men and women alike to purchase a bag that is truly worth its price tag! A JAMAH bag will be passed down from generation to generation, not only for its beautiful craftsmanship and durability, but because a JAMAH bag will never go out of style.


The moment is here, the new JAMAH website has arrived!

In celebration, each purchase of a JAMAH bag through November 13th will come with an Alias card wallet as our gift to you.

Skillfully crafting luxury handbags for the past fifteen years, designer/founder Nancy Gale is finally revealing her story, the inspiration behind JAMAH, and her vision and relentless pursuit to be recognized as the first true American luxury design house. Manufactured exclusively in the USA from the finest materials and hardware, each handbag is meticulously fashioned. Cherished not only for the decadent fabrics and construction but also the story behind each bag. Named for those who have inspired, intrigued and enlightened Gale throughout the years every bag has a personality including likes, dislikes and aspirations, just as those who share the name. Made-to-order with customizable options, JAMAH designs are available in an array of colors, patterns and textiles including JAMAH’s signature supple Italian lambskin and a variety of genuine exotic skins. A JAMAH handbag is nothing short of a work of art. Each bag is treasured for its disposition and the powerful statement it makes. An accessory that will mature with your style, your passions and your life, JAMAH is for the moment you have arrived.