Beginning on 10.18.18, designs will introduced throughout the months of October, November and December. 

Skillfully crafting luxury handbags for just shy of nineteen years, designer/founder Nancy Gale is finally revealing her story, the inspiration behind JAMAH, and her vision and relentless pursuit to be recognized as the first true American luxury design house. Manufactured exclusively in the USA from the finest materials and hardware, each handbag is meticulously fashioned. Cherished not only for the decadent fabrics and construction but also the story behind each bag. Named for those who have inspired, intrigued and enlightened Gale throughout the years every bag has a personality including likes, dislikes and aspirations, just as those who share the name. Made-to-order with customizable options, JAMAH designs are available in an array of colors, patterns and textiles including JAMAH’s signature supple Italian lambskin and a variety of genuine exotic skins. A JAMAH handbag is nothing short of a work of art. Each bag is treasured for its disposition and the powerful statement it makes, maturing with your style, your passions and your life.

"JAMAH, be who you are.”