By: Dani C.


When it rains, it pours. In business, in relationships, in life, there are always those days, weeks, months and sometimes even years that nothing seems to go your way.

I have experienced this very phenomena over the month of March. Even though I celebrated my birthday in March, it could not outshine the darkness that billowed throughout the month.

My favorite cloud of despair was when I lost myself. Not physically of course, but The Dani, the handbag that designer Nancy Gale had named after me disappeared.

A little background . . . 

When Nancy first told me about The Dani, she sent me an email that included the link www.jamah.com/classic-couture-collection/the-dani. I was speechless, honored and crying with joy when she called shortly thereafter. I’m actually still in shock to be honest. Nancy and I met just seven months ago but there’s a kinship between us that is wonderfully pure and true. I was delighted to carry myself!

The one time I decide to carry another bag (What was I thinking?!) and leave myself home, I went missing; kidnapped perhaps?

When I discovered the tragedy, I was incredibly upset and absolutely mortified. It’s ironic, really. I felt like disappearing a few times this month and it actually happened. Quite the metaphor, one might conclude.

After two weeks of denial and fear, I finally shared the horrific news with Nancy. And what did she do? She laughed! “Of all things and all people,” she said smiling. A weight had been lifted and a new Dani is in the works.

So, when you lose yourself, take a deep breath, embrace the moment, lean on those that care for you, fight your way to freedom and then go out and buy yourself something pretty, The Dani perhaps!?

Source: http://www.jamah.com/classic-couture-colle...