Bag Highlight: The Teresa


As women, it’s often difficult to find other women that will support us, especially in our careers. Why is this? We are already living in a man’s world, why must we always put each other down? Does it make us feel better about ourselves? I don’t think so. When we bitch about other women together, do we bond? Maybe. Are we scared to succeed because of what our friends, family and husbands will say? Do they really want us to achieve? I hope so. Regardless, it’s time to rise up, together.

When your girlfriends talk about their most recent successes or struggles, listen. Reward their achievements with smiles and congratulatory remarks. And if they are struggling, reach into your bag (JAMAH preferably) and pull out ways you can help, or your cousin can help, or your neighbor, or another friend. Let’s take the time, energy and money to invest in each other!

Founder Nancy Gale was fortunate enough to have a few cheerleaders that have always been there to support, encourage and invest in her and her dreams. Tracy, namesake of The Teresa, is at the top of that list. Her eternally enthusiastic attitude has made her the most dependable and steadfast friend a JAMAH girl can have. A tribute to Tracy's loyalty and endless generosity, Nancy could think of no one better to represent one of her favorite and timeless designs.

Sleek, polished and suitable for every occasion, this is the bag you'll want with you at all times. Just like its namesake, The Teresa will always make you look and feel fabulous!