While investing in gold, the stock market and real estate can be volatile, a JAMAH handbag is always 100% full proof.

Let us count the ways:

1.     Made in the USA – Each and every bag is designed and crafted here in the USA. Not only will you get exceptional craftsmanship, but you are supporting your community members, friends and neighbors and thus its overall economy.

2.     Non-profit Support – JAMAH is deeply committed to a conscious brand that propelled owner and designer, Nancy Gale, to connect a cause so intrinsic to JAMAH that one could not function without the other. Almost 6 years ago, she founded AMBITION, a non-profit, competition-based entrepreneurial program that fosters creative, industrious thinking in students from underserved community. Those who support JAMAH, support AMBITION.

3.     Care – We tend to care more for those items that are attained as an investment and therefore appreciating. Most of the things we buy depreciate at very fast rates. JAMAH is not only timeless in style, it is timeless in construction, and more likely than not passed from generation to generation. A JAMAH handbag is a true American heirloom.

If you are buying a bag for yourself or trying to convince your beloved to make that extra special purchase, it’s really quite a simple decision. You can kiss buyer’s remorse goodbye for good with JAMAH!

Welcome to the new wave of investments!