Bag Highlight: The Rosey Special Edition


We have been waiting for 9 years, 180 months and 469 weeks for this moment to arrive AND its finally here! Yes, you heard right, the girls are back! Fall in love all over again with Lorelei’s quirky personality and Rory’s sweet nature in the Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life mini-series.

For the revival series, Costume Designer Brenda Maben chose the luxury handbag brand JAMAH to perfectly coordinate with the Yale Grad’s stylish, put-together wardrobe. Rory went from owning the eponymous Birkin bag 9 years ago to maintaining a structured and striking look with “The Rosey Special Edition.” Maben explains, "Rory’s handbag symbolizes power. It shows that she is taking her personal and professional life into her own hands.” The Rosey Special Edition is a version of The Rosey that was originally commissioned for Hillary Clinton.

Alexis Bledel (Rory Gilmore) took to JAMAH’s charitable cause, AMBITION, so much that she signed her name and wrote what ambition means to her inside of “Rory’s” bag. The bag will be auctioned and the proceeds will go to AMBITION’s Student Scholarship Fund.

Want Rory’s bag? Stay tuned for upcoming auction details where proceeds will benefit AMBITION’s Student Scholarship Fund. If you can’t wait for the auction you can “buy it now” and we’ll donate 10% of the retail price to the fund. The Rosey Special Edition is available at

Look for “The Rosey Special Edition” wherever Rory goes on Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life on Netflix.

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