Have you ever walked down the street and noticed that every other person has the same handbag as you do? Or that your favorite designer’s shoes, bracelets, sweaters and wallets seem to be everywhere?

We all love classic designers … Chanel, Versace, Balenciaga, but when your friend, your mom, your cousin and your client all have the same fashion accessories, they become less rare and with that a little less special.

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend! Right?! But why? They are sparkly, they are forever and they are incredibly rare. You would be hard pressed to find two diamonds that are exactly the same.

We like to think of JAMAH in very much the same reverence.

Those who love JAMAH don’t want to look and be like everyone else. They know that their differences and idiosyncrasies make them special and valuable. They know that no one can ever compare or compete with their individuality.

JAMAH is unique with its customizable fabric, hardware and personalization options. JAMAH reminds us that being different and embracing who we are is truly the most beautiful we can be.