Bag Highlight: The Helen


The holidays, no matter your religion or personal traditions are about family. We love and adore those we still have with us and remember fondly those that are no longer.

All of JAMAH’s designs are inspired by a family member, friend or colleague that designer Nancy Gale respects and loves. The Helen is no exception.

A tribute to her mother, her hero, The Helen is the epitome of timeless sophistication. Though she appreciated the flairs of her generation, Helen always found a way to embark on her own stylistic path. At times being quite progressive, she embraced the newer generation’s ideals and values with vigor.

The Helen, with its structured body and envelope-style flap closure secured by a demure clasp, is a simple but transcendent design that commands every room with its breathless beauty much as Helen did during her life.

It was Helen who instilled in her daughter a vivacious thirst for life and optimism that she wore as effortlessly as any bag or ensemble she adorned.