Why is becoming the first true American luxury design house so important to founder Nancy Gale?

Growing up in Detroit, Gale had the opportunity to witness, experience and learn about the benefits derived from manufacturing in the United States and the real value of American craftsmanship.

She realized early on that luxury wasn’t just about a price point, but about superior artistry.

Her Los Angeles factory is comprised of true craftsmen that have been in the business most of their lives, with each bag showcasing their combined years of experience. Fine attention to detail, impeccable workmanship and stunning lines handcrafted with care and precision make it no longer necessary to travel across the world to find true luxury.

By working in the USA, JAMAH is also able to provide jobs to its neighbors, ultimately providing stability for our economy and a better life for us all.

JAMAH’s made-to-order designs have eliminated mass production and have finally brought back what luxury once was, making it possible for men and women alike to purchase a bag that is truly worth its price tag! A JAMAH bag will be passed down from generation to generation, not only for its beautiful craftsmanship and durability, but because a JAMAH bag will never go out of style.